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Aqua Monaco – New Aesthetics

● Aqua Monaco

Aqua Monaco is one of, if not “the,” premium mixer brands. The German company with Munich roots has a rich portfolio of bar- and consumer-oriented drinks from colorful lemonade to genuine tonic water made from real quinine bark — in which we have been involved for several years now.

Based on Timo Thurner’s static design of a hand-cut typeface, we developed a system of four font- weights with all European and Eastern European glyphs, which we called “Aqua Monaco Corporate”. AQC implements every online and offline scenario to resemble the company’s CI with ease, creating a bold and unified corporate design.

On this basis, we developed several technically extensive online portfolios: ranging from the corporate website with recipe-, project-, job-, press- and product archives, as well as ongoing brand communication with a accessible backends to the completely new online store with quick shopping buttons as well as industry-specific requirements such as tech-heavy bottle deposit and product bundling in a crisp and minimalist style that is unparalleled in its industry.



Creative Direction
Timo Thurner

Art Direction
Maximilian Helldörfer

Product Photography
Anja Prestel

Timo Thurner &
Maximilian Helldörfer


„Maxim begleitet uns seit den Anfängen von Aqua Monaco und ist mehr als jeder Dienstleister Teil des Teams. Ein treuer Berater und Freund dessen Ideen und Meinungen ich extrem schätze.“

– Timo Thurner, Geschäftsführer Aqua Monaco

Aqua Monaco Corporate

Aqua Monaco Website

Aqua Monaco Shop

  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ⑦ Photography
  • ⑥ Interior Design