● Hôtel Heartbreak

Brad Pitt has Miraval, Reezy has Hotel Heartbreak. The retail collabo between uprising rapper Reezy and German discounter Aldi is doing well in the new collabo economy.

The original plan was to include frontrunner Bausa and Reezy as a team. However, Bausa was canceled after he called the Youtuber unsympathischTV "gay" in a Twitch live show (Horrorcamp with Sido and Knossi) after the latter refused to join him in a bed where Bausa was already lying. Complicated. If you didn't understand a single word, it's kind of like Til Schweiger writing drunk on Facebook, but for Gen-Z and with more cancel culture.

The design features cherub angels or cupids embossed in gold on a white wine bottle (and a special edition box). The cupids also appear on an Instagram filter following the campaign, which has reached well over a million followers. Original Imagery is a series of youngsters surrounding Reezy in a scene reminiscent of the last-supper to be used for Instagram ads and reels.



FineWine GmbH for Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd


Art Direction
Maximilian Helldörfer

Jakub Kaliszewski

Social Media Strategy
Andre Athari

Promotion Clip

See, reezy himself enjoys his wine. Sure his fans will do too.

  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ⑥ Interior Design