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Mølk – New Aesthetics

● Mølk

Oat Mølk's "heavy identity" as we claim it, evokes a feature-rich catalog of design language. The holistic corporate identity was developed from scratch and is standing on the edge of getting sued by the dairy lobby for calling something "milk" that is an "oat drink" without compromising on a fresh approach to the "oat milk" scene and sustainable habits - but well, no one said "milk", so relax and drink your Mølk.

The heavy use of self-designed patterns, giant barcodes repeated on every item (even the coffee booth), and a bright and creamy color scheme make for a bold start. They stand out in the supermarket shelf while ditching all the nonsensical communications like little illustrations of tractors, quirky figures of farmers, and other fake marketing that the big players like to print on every inch of their packaging — we use zero bullshit and have blank space instead of a random banana bread recipe on the side.

The Fontsmith FS Kitty provides the cloudy style in print, while our 3D-heavy animation series takes the brand to a new level of communication for social media and campaigns. It's about lifestyle and sustainable understatement, not big corporate greenwashing. No Milk is the new milk.



Moelk GmbH


Art Direction
Maximilian Helldörfer

Fontsmith Kitty
FontFont Good Headline


Nicolas Hansmann

Heavy Identity

The Mølk world with its colors and patterns creates a fresh cloudy vibe.

Digital Out of Home Launch Campaign

Out of Home Launch Campaign

Consumers are confronted with slogans on every square inch of their world. Advertising has become completely commonplace. Everywhere – except in the forest – is full of slogans that want to be read and understood. “Content” is the new normal. That makes “nonsense” content a mere caricature of it. The challenge was to break down the barriers between sensory perception and logical understanding – because breaking patterns is more memorable than following clichés about what a campaign should look like.

The guiding principle of the campaign was the “disruptive” connection between inside and outside. Campaigns flow into public space, social media and through users. The subjects see the Citylights as three-dimensional objects and show their inner workings. This dissolution of inside and outside, where the traditional viewer sees only a two-dimensional panel, is meant to reinforce the pervasiveness of the campaign, which in addition to being understood, has a level to be experienced.

Dropping the milk or breaking the screen triggers sensory stimuli that irritate, wake up and surprise the viewer with a massage. The Citylights become vending machines in which something happens: A spatial body that points into the Mølk universe. Each screen is a gateway to their world, where physics and gravity rule just as they do, only everything is a bit more beautiful and colorful, an idealized meta-world in pink and oat milk.

Social Media Shooting

Exhibition Stand

Easy to store and assemble exhibition stand. Fits on a single pallet – including the delicious goods. Can you guess where the green in the Mølk color scheme comes from?

  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
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