● Out of Home Launch Campaign

1200 Hours of Rendering, 500+ Hours of 3D. Phew, rendering Liquids is a Fuckton of work — but for Mølks first nationwide Out of Home campaign, that breaks the border between the display and the surroundings — we went all in.

The guiding principle of the campaign was the “disruptive” connection between inside and outside. Campaigns flow into public space, social media and through users.
The subjects see the citylights as three-dimensional objects and show their inner workings. This dissolution of inside and outside, where the traditional viewer sees only a two-dimensional panel, is meant to reinforce the pervasiveness of the campaign, which in addition to being understood, has a level to be experienced.⁠


  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ⑦ Photography
  • ⑥ Interior Design