● RHO Kollektiv

On behalf of the artist collective RHO, the task was to design an extensive catalog. It shows an overview of the works of recent years and also offers a deeper look into the light and sound installation „CHOLERA – I THOUGHT I SHOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN“, which took place in 2021. A central question was how to translate the spatial working method of the collective into a print product.

The design of RHO’s catalog is based on two stylistic guidelines. Some parts of the layout distinguish a clear, reduced design language. The grid repeats while the contents depict the „what“ of the respective project. The second guideline emerges in the catalog’s center, interrupting the technical appearance. An organic font, as well as large-scale photographs, capture the viewer in an emotional way („how“).⁠



Art Direction
Maximilian Helldörfer

Jero van Nieuwkoop, RHO Kollektiv, Michael Stockhausen

Published by
Verlag Kettler, Dortmund

Radio Grotesk by Pangram,
Keroine by Charlotte Rohde

Book Photography
Anja Prestel


„Die gemeinsame Arbeit mit New Aesthetics an einem ersten Übersichtskatalogs künstlerischer Arbeiten war außerordentlich spannend wie auch erfolgreich. New Aesthetics hat sich bemerkenswerter Hingabe viel Zeit für das Projekt genommen und ebenso den Raum für einen gemeinsamen künstlerisch-gestalterischen Austausch geöffnet. Dieser Aufwand spiegelt sich eindeutig in der gestalterischen Qualität des Katalogs wieder.“


A Look inside

  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ② Brand Building
  • ③ Digital Experience
  • ⑤ Graphic Design
  • ⑦ Photography
  • ⑥ Interior Design