Aqua Monaco

Voriger Nächster Aqua Monaco is one of, if not “the,” premium mixer brands. The German company with Munich roots has a rich portfolio of bar- and consumer-oriented drinks from colorful lemonade to genuine tonic water made from real quinine bark — in which we have been involved for several years now. Based on Timo Thurner’s […]


Voriger Nächster Oat Mølk’s “heavy identity” as we claim it, evokes a feature-rich catalog of design language. The holistic corporate identity was developed from scratch and is standing on the edge of getting sued by the dairy lobby for calling something “milk” that is an “oat drink” without compromising on a fresh approach to the […]


Voriger Nächster The “Gewölbe” is a notorious techno club, burrowed into the tracks of Cologne’s Train Station West. With vaults up to 6 meters high, the architecture is reminiscent of heavy machinery, oil and coal. To create an immersive corporate identity that combines space (the physical) with the cultural dimension and its own distinct “style”, […]