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Carl & Jerry – New Aesthetics

● Carl & Jerry

For the burgeoning beverage label Carl & Jerry, renowned for its innovative Gin Tonic sets, the objective was to develop an online store that was not only functional but also a visual journey through the world of classic cocktails. The challenge was to bring to life the historical heritage and modern mixology that Carl & Jerry represent, in a digital format.

The design of the online shop follows two stylistic guidelines: On one hand, there is a clear, minimalist design that emphasizes the tradition and quality of the products. This is achieved through a streamlined layout and structured presentation of the products and their history. On the other hand, this aesthetic is interrupted in the center of the shop by a more emotional, vibrant design, highlighting the creativity and innovation of the Carl & Jerry brand.

The centerpiece of the shop are the detailed product pages. Here, each Gin Tonic set is not only visually appealing but also narrates its unique story and the inspiration behind the various essences. Large-scale images and organic typography invite visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Carl & Jerry and feel the passion behind each product.

The emotional connection is further enhanced by interactive elements. Customers can create and share their own cocktail recipes, fostering the community and creativity that Carl & Jerry aim to embody. Additionally, user reviews and storytelling elements create a deeper bond with the brand and its products.

Overall, the Carl & Jerry online shop reflects the company's philosophy: a symbiosis of respect for tradition and the courage to innovate. Through the successful interplay of classic design and modern user experience, not just a shop, but an experiential space is created, transporting customers into the fascinating world of cocktail mixing.



Art Direction
Maximilian Helldörfer

Technical Direction
Dominik Griese


„New Aesthetics hat sich mit beeindruckender Leidenschaft und Hingabe in unser Projekt vertieft, was sich in jedem Aspekt der Gestaltung widerspiegelt. Ihr tiefes Verständnis für unsere Marke und unsere Vision ermöglichte einen kreativen Austausch, der entscheidend zur Realisierung eines Einkaufserlebnisses beigetragen hat, das nicht nur funktional, sondern auch eine wahre Erweiterung unserer Markenidentität ist.”

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